Large Building Tune-up Services

If your facility is greater than 75,000 square feet with complex heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, controlled by an energy management system with comprehensive direct digital control, you may be eligible for BGE’s Large Building Tune-up Services.

BGE's Large Building Tune-up Services are designed for large industrial and commercial electric customers, and program incentives cover up to 75% of the cost of Large Building Tune-up Services with a cap of $50,000 per project. Customers must be willing to match the incentive received, up to $50,000, for Large Building Tune-up Services measures identified with an estimated simple payback of fewer than 1.5 years.

How to Participate


BGE’s Large Building Tune-up Services typically include:

  • Engineering studies to identify energy savings available through building tune-up services
  • HVAC calibrations
  • Diagnostic and function tests of major systems and equipment
  • Air and water systems balancing
  • Calibration of energy management systems and controls
  • Building tune-ups and education

To Complete a Large Building Tune-up or Not?

Large Building Tune-up Services may be a good option if a facility has:

  • Unexplained high energy use
  • Persistent equipment operation problems or failures
  • Excessive occupant complaints about comfort

Large Building Tune-up is not appropriate when:

  • Most of the equipment and systems are either outdated or at the end of their service lives.
  • Significant system design problems exist.
  • Major equipment malfunctions are extensive enough that equipment replacement is the best remedy.

If you have questions about your potential project, please contact a BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® representative at or 410.290.1202. In some cases, BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business Program might better meet your needs.


General facility requirements include the following:

  • The facility must have a minimum of 75,000 square feet of conditioned space.
  • The facility must have an existing building or energy management system with direct digital control of major facility HVAC systems.
  • The owner and facility staff must express a commitment to be actively involved in the entire building tune-up process.
  • Customers must be willing to match the incentive received, up to $50,000, for Large Building Tune-up Services measures identified with an estimated simple payback of fewer than 1.5 years.

Large Building Tune-up Service Providers

To assist customers in performing Large Building Tune-up Services, BGE has a list of approved Large Building Tune-up Service Providers. If a customer wishes to use a service provider that is not a registered Large Building Tune-up Service Provider, they can apply here.

  • Contact us at or call 410.290.1202 to see if you qualify.
  • Select a Service Provider from our list of participating Large Building Tune-up Service Providers.
  • After you select a Service Provider, your Large Building Tune-up Service Provider will assist you in completing and submitting the Large Building Tune-up Services Application.
  • In reviewing program applications, BGE will select projects that meet program eligibility and criteria for cost-effectiveness, energy savings and verifiability.

Up to $5,000 Towards Enhanced Equipment Metering

For projects participating in the Small Building Tune-up (SBT) and Large Building Tune-up (LBT) Programs, Up to $5,000 (per project) is available for additional equipment-level metering installed to baseline the equipment before and after the tune-up to verify savings. Project pre-approval is required.

For Pre-Approval submit the following information to the program:

  • Complete the Small Building Tune-up or Large Building Tune-up Application (if not already done so)
  • Identify savings measure(s) that will be metered, the anticipated calculated savings for each measure, and what metering equipment will be used and the placement of the metering equipment
  • Provide the pre- and post- metering plan for each measure. Minimum of 30 days of pre-measurement data before the measure is implemented and 30 days of post measurement data after the measure is implemented is required. The pre- and post-measurement data must be continuous.

The Enhanced Equipment Incentive is paid when the program receives an EXCEL file of the pre- and post- (hourly) electrical consumption data and the project has met the Small Building Tune-up and Large Building Tune-up Program requirements.Contact your program rep or 410.290.1202 for more information.