Managing energy consumption is one of the best ways to control expenses in government facilities. By simply taking steps to reduce energy demand for lighting, heating and cooling, you can save money, improve productivity and contribute to a greener environment.

Programs and Incentives for Government

The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® offers a variety of energy efficiency programs and incentives that can help local, state and federal government agencies cut costs. Incentives are available for such things as retrofitting office lighting, adding personal occupancy sensors and power strips, installing new HVAC equipment and performing building tune-up services on existing HVAC systems and controls.

You can find incentives for these improvements and more through the programs listed below.

Small Business Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions for Business

Building Tune-Up

Combined Heat and Power

How to Participate

Maryland Clean Energy Capital Program (MCEC) offers funding for energy efficiency projects for nonprofits such as universities, hospitals and schools in Maryland. Learn more.


Customer Spotlights

Baltimore City used incentives to make energy efficiency upgrades in more than 125 facilities, saving nearly $1 million annually in energy costs!