Restaurants use the most energy of any commercial building, with about 90% of energy use going to refrigeration, lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, water heating and cooking. Hotels and motels use most of their electrical energy on lighting, heating and cooling. For the hospitality industry, improving energy performance can reduce costs, increase customer and guest comfort and offer a valuable competitive advantage.

BGE Programs and Incentives for Hospitality

The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® offers a variety of energy efficiency programs that can help hotels, motels and restaurants cut costs. Incentives are available for such things as guest room energy management systems (e.g., HVAC and receptacle occupancy sensors), lighting retrofits, new HVAC equipment, and kitchen and refrigeration equipment upgrades.

You can find incentives for these improvements and more through the programs listed below.

Small Business Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions for Business

Building Tune-Up

Combined Heat and Power

How to Participate

Customer Spotlights

See how we’re helping other hospitality facilities save energy and money.

  • El Andariego restaurant lowered its annual lighting-related energy use by 70% with a payback on the project in less than 3 months.
  • Baltimore Marriott Waterfront is saving more than $100,000 annually in energy costs after installing energy efficient LED lighting and variable frequency drives (VFDs).