Custom Measures & Projects

Your business is unique. So solutions for increasing energy efficiency in your workplace may need to be unique, too.

BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business program also offers customized opportunities that go beyond the savings addressed by our prescriptive measures.  Financial incentives are available for site-specific, cost-effective projects that enable industrial, commercial, government, not-for-profit and institutional customers to maximize energy efficiency and manage costs.

All of BGE’s industrial and commercial customers (Rate Schedule G, GS, GL, P or T) may be eligible for financial incentives that cover up to 50% of the total cost for retrofit projects and up to 75% of the incremental costs for new equipment with an overall incentive cap of $0.28 per kWh saved. This program offers incentives for a variety of custom applications, including:

  • Custom lighting
  • Energy management systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Central chiller plant
  • Process equipment
  • Whole building systems
  • Non-HVAC VFDs

In order to perform the necessary energy calculations for a custom project, you must first propose the starting point or baseline from which to compare energy consumption. The Custom Technical Sheet provides useful information for determining a project’s baseline based on its project type. The application also provides further detail on determining a project’s baseline for energy calculations and cost estimates. Program staff are also available to discuss projects and assist in determining the proper baseline for your project. Contact us at or call 410.290.1202.

How to Participate

Technical Services

Not sure where to start? Let BGE help you identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities for your unique or more complex building systems. Technical Services are available on a limited basis for new construction, major renovation, equipment replacement and efficiency upgrades to existing equipment and processes.

Comprehensive Systems for Existing Buildings

Comprehensive Systems for Existing Buildings can assist BGE customers in maximizing energy efficiency by accounting for the interactive effects between equipment and systems.

LED Lighting Requirements

LED replacement lamps and LED luminaires must be listed on the Design Lights Consortium or ENERGY STAR Qualified Products list.