Building Tune-up FAQs

1. What is the difference between the Building Tune-up Program and Energy Solutions for Business?

Energy Solutions for Business typically involves a capital investment in energy-efficient equipment. Building Tune-up focuses on optimizing the operation and maintenance of existing equipment.

2. Why are there three "types" of Building Tune-up services?

Since different opportunities exist for improving building performance based on building size and typical systems, BGE offers three options—Enhanced Unitary HVAC Maintenance, Small Building Tune-up Services and Large Building Tune-up Services—to meet varying customer needs.

3. What incentives are available for Enhanced Unitary HVAC Maintenance Services?

BGE’s Enhanced Unitary HVAC Maintenance Services can tune up your facility’s Unitary HVAC system while ensuring its energy-consuming components function at peak efficiency.

For a list of measures and incentives, please go here.

4. What are the basics of the Small Building Tune-up Services?

Small Building Tune-up Services are available for industrial process systems and commercial facilities less than or equal to 75,000 square feet. The process typically involves contractors assessing equipment/system conditions from a prescribed checklist of items. Small Building Tune-up Services focus on:

  • Calibrating building systems and controls
  • Replacing equipment filters
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Sealing air and water leaks
  • Re-balancing air handling systems
  • Detecting compressed air leaks
  • Educating facility personnel

5. What incentives are available for Small Building Tune-up Services?

BGE will provide incentives for up to 75% of the cost of the assessment and study with a maximum incentive of $25,000. (BGE estimates the cost of an appropriate study for Small Building Tune-up Services to be between $500 and $4,000, depending upon the complexity of the facility.)

BGE also will pay part of the costs for demonstration measures (i.e., measures that can save a significant amount of energy, but will not pay for themselves in less than 1.5 years) with a cap on BGE’s total project commitment of $15,000.

6. Who can perform Small Building Tune-up services?

Customers are not required to use a specific contractor to perform Small Building Tune-up Services. Customers are free to select their own contractors or use in-house staff. If you choose to use in-house staff please leave the contractor information blank on your application form. Customers may also refer to the following Service Provider directories:

BGE does not recommend, qualify, or otherwise approve these contractors for participation. BGE does not warrant or guarantee any work or equipment installed by a Service Provider.

7. What are the basics of Large Building Tune-up Services?

Large Building Tune-up Services are available for facilities larger than 75,000 square feet and are more comprehensive than Small Building Tune-up Services. Large Building Tune-up Services are intended for customers with unusually high energy use, persistent failures of equipment and controls, tenant complaints, or indoor air quality problems. The process involves a detailed study conducted by a pre-qualified Service Provider who develops and carries out (or directs others to carry out) customized system and operational changes to reduce energy consumption. Large Building Tune-up Services typically include:

  • HVAC calibrations
  • Diagnostic and function tests of major systems and equipment
  • Air and water systems balancing
  • Calibration of energy management and control systems and lighting systems controls
  • O&M tune-ups
  • Education of facility personnel

8. What incentives are available for Large Building Tune-up Services?

BGE will provide incentives up to 75% of the cost of the Large Building Tune-up study and implementation costs, up to a maximum incentive of $50,000. However, the incentive is contingent upon the customer making a commitment to invest a minimum of $50,000 in cost-effective measures (i.e., measures that will pay for themselves in 1.5 years or less).

9. Are there minimum requirements to be a candidate for Large Building Tune-up Services?

Yes. The facility must have a functioning direct digital control (DDC) system; accessible and up-to-date building documentation and records; no major maintenance problems requiring costly repairs or replacements; and no planned major system renovations or retrofits. The facility also must commit facility staff to be actively involved in the entire Large Building Tune-up process.

10. Who can perform Large Building Tune-up services?

To assist customers in performing Large Building Tune-up Services, BGE has a group of participating Large Building Tune-up Service Providers listed on the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program website. If a customer wishes to use a Service Provider that has not been pre-approved, the Service Provider must first apply to participate in the Large Building Tune-up Services offering. BGE does not warrant or guarantee any work or equipment installed by a Service Provider.

11. What is the value of having a contractor assess how a building’s systems operate?

Many customers have energy-efficient equipment but their buildings are still not operating efficiently. By participating in the Building Tune-up program, customers will maximize the operating efficiency of their buildings and reduce their energy consumption.