Small Business Energy Solutions FAQs

1. Am I eligible?

Small Business Energy Solutions is open to BGE business customers on rate schedule G or GS, who have monthly billing demands of less than 60 kilowatts. To determine your rate schedule, look under the "Electric Details" section of your BGE distribution bill.

2. How do I participate?

  • Make the call. Get started by calling one of BGE's participating contractors assigned to your area. The contractor will visit your facility and conduct a detailed assessment of your energy use. The assessment is included as part of your BGE service, so there’s no additional cost to you!
  • Review recommendations. You'll receive a list of recommended energy-saving upgrades to lighting and/or refrigeration controls, noting the costs, available incentives and payback period.
  • Make the upgrades. Have your participating contractor install the recommended energy-saving measures. Remember to ask if you're eligible for our Small Business Energy Advance, which lets you pay your 30% of the cost over 12 monthly payments with no interest.
  • Enjoy the savings. Watch your energy and maintenance cost savings accumulate over the lifetime of the installed products, leading to substantial long-term savings.

3. Do I have to use a specific contractor, or can I find my own?

To make it easier for customers to participate, we've identified preapproved contractors designated by geographic location:

4. How will my business benefit?

  • Substantially reduced energy costs
  • Savings up to 70% on the cost of energy efficiency measures
  • Receive a quick return on your investment
  • Increased employee morale and productivity
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Enhanced image as an energy-efficient business and environmental steward

5. What type of upgrades are available?

  • Lighting Measures: Upgrade to LEDs, high-performance fixtures and high-efficiency fluorescent lighting. Replace exit signs with LED units. Install occupancy sensors and lighting controls.
  • Refrigeration Measures: Install high-efficiency electronically regulated fan motors and controllers. Replace reach-in cooler lights with energy-efficient LEDs. Install vending machine controls.
  • Additional Measures: Save up to 50% on other measures, such as commercial kitchen, appliance, plug load and HVAC equipment replacement and HVAC tune-ups.