Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Rebates

Get a $30 rebate on the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifier or a $40 rebate on the purchase of an ENERGY STAR certified air purifier. Apply online for faster processing, or print and mail in your rebate application.

Apply Online for a Rebate

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Why Choose an ENERGY STAR Certified Dehumidifier?

Qualifying models have more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans than conventional dehumidifiers. This means they remove the same amount of moisture, but use approximately 30% less energy than standard models.*

Why Choose an ENERGY STAR Certified Air Purifier?

Qualifying models are 40% more energy-efficient than standard models, saving you $30 annually on utility bills.* On average, savings from a new ENERGY STAR certified air purifier could add up to $220 saved over its lifetime!

Renters and Landlords

If you are a renter or landlord applying for an appliance rebate, you may need to send in an additional form with your appliance rebate, or you may need to use a different form altogether. Learn More.