Make your smart thermostat even smarter! Enroll in our Thermostat Optimization Program and we’ll help fine-tune your thermostat’s schedule to make sure you’re getting the most energy savings possible.

How It Works

BGE has partnered with Resideo and Nest to optimize your thermostat’s performance. Using your thermostat data, your smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments customized for your home, helping you save energy all year long!

Does My Thermostat Qualify?

See our list of qualifying thermostats.

How to Participate

Simply enroll your qualifying smart thermostat using the links below:

Once you’re enrolled, make sure that your thermostat is programmed on a schedule. Schedules tell your thermostat what temperature to keep your home when you’re there, away or asleep each day. Scheduling higher temperature settings in the summer and lower in the winter can help you save more energy. You can create your schedule directly on your thermostat or by using your thermostat’s mobile app or web portal.

Virtual Energy Assessments

As a participant, you’ll also receive Virtual Energy Assessments. These will offer insights into your home’s energy use by reviewing a combination of thermostat, weather and energy use data. At the end of each heating and cooling season, you’ll also receive recommendations with ways to improve energy savings and lower costs.

Note: Nest thermostats are not currently eligible for Virtual Energy Assessments.