Thermostat Optimization Program

Make your smart thermostat even more efficient! Your smart thermostat already helps increase comfort and save on energy costs at home. With BGE’s Thermostat Optimization Program, you can fine-tune your thermostat schedule to save even more.

How Does it Work?

BGE is partnering with Whisker Labs and Nest to optimize your thermostat. Thermostat optimization is a process that uses data from your smart thermostat to learn about how your house reacts to various weather conditions. With these insights, your smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments customized for your home. As a result, you can enjoy increased comfort and energy savings all year long!

Are There Any Other Benefits?

BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program also provides Virtual Energy Assessments, which offer insights into your home's energy consumption, attributed to heating and cooling. Using a combination of thermostat, weather and energy consumption data, BGE's Virtual Energy Assessment delivers recommendations on how you can improve comfort and lower your energy costs. By participating, you will get customized recommendations at the end of each heating and cooling season to help you save even more on energy costs.

Note: Nest thermostats are not currently eligible for Virtual Energy Assessments.

Does my Thermostat Qualify?

See a list of qualifying thermostats.

How to Participate

Simply enroll the qualifying smart thermostats in your home using the links provided.

Enroll my Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort.
Enroll my Honeywell Home.
Enroll my ecobee
Enroll my Emerson.

Have a Nest Thermostat?
Nest does not currently have an online enrollment option. Eligible Nest thermostats will receive a notification to opt into the BGE Thermostat Optimization Program through their Nest thermostat or mobile app.

Ensure that your thermostat is programmed on a schedule. Schedules tell your thermostat what temperature to keep your house, based on the times you are home, away or asleep each day. Scheduling higher temperature settings in the summer (and lower in the winter) when you’re away from home can help you save more energy. You can create your schedule directly on your thermostat, or by using your thermostat’s mobile app or web portal.