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Switching to ENERGY STAR certified lighting can help you save energy and money.

Since 2009, BGE has been making it easier and more affordable for customers to switch to longer-lasting, energy-efficient lighting in their homes. We’re proud to have saved 15.9 million participants 2.1 million megawatt-hours of energy.* That’s almost 52 million ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs sold or given out. The energy saved by those LEDs is equivalent to charging 181 billion smartphones—or the annual electricity use of more than 289,000 homes.†

More great news: your savings can continue by using LEDs throughout your home for years to come.

Why Choose LED Bulbs

  • Energy Efficiency. They use up to 90% less energy.
  • Cost Savings. Each bulb can save you nearly $50 in electricity costs over its lifetime.**
  • Long Life. LEDs last at least 15 times longer, so you don’t have to replace them as often—perfect for hard-to-reach places.
  • Variety. LEDs are available in a range of styles, lumens (the unit for brightness) and temperatures—from dimmable candelabra bulbs to bright spotlights—so you’ll find options to fit almost any fixture in your home.

Looking to move forward with LED bulbs? Check out how to choose the bulbs that are right for you!

CFL Recycling

As you make the switch to LEDs, be sure to recycle your old CFL light bulbs. Learn More.

LED Fixture Discounts

You can also save on ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures! Learn more.

*Gross-annualized megawatt hours
**Source: energystar.gov.
†Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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