BGE Smart Home Temperature and Humidity Sensors

What Is a Temperature and Humidity Sensor?

BGE Smart Home temperature and humidity sensors monitor the temperature and humidity in your home. These sensors make your smart thermostat even smarter and help ensure that you’re comfortable in any room during any weather.

The temperature and humidity sensor detects relative humidity and ambient air temperature and reports the readings about once every 15 minutes. The sensor is designed for indoor use, away from rain. It can be used to detect the conditions for mold and mildew and freezing conditions, which could lead to frozen pipes and water leaks. It will report from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installing a Temperature and Humidity Sensor

We recommend installing temperature and humidity sensors in frequently occupied rooms, such as:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Basement
  • Home office
  • Play/activity rooms

By knowing the temperature and humidity of occupied spaces, home automation can help you create energy-efficient schedules on your thermostat(s). With temperature and humidity sensors, compatible thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature in occupied rooms to keep you comfortable. Learn more about connecting your compatible smart thermostat here.

Pairing a Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The pairing button is located inside the pinhole. It can be pressed with the included pin or a paper clip.

To pair the device to your account, in the app, go to Cameras & Devices > Add Devices > Temperature & Humidity Sensor. Then briefly press the reset button.

Creating Custom Rules

Here are some ideas for custom rules you can set for your Temperature and Humidity (T&H) Sensors:

Goal Required Sensors Sample Rule

I'd like to make sure my dehumidifier turns off when the relative humidity drops to 50%.

✔ T&H Sensor – Place the sensor in the area where you are using your dehumidifier to control humidity. Be sure to place the sensor away from any sources of heat or moisture.
✔ Smart plug – Plug your dehumidifier into a smart plug.


my 'Basement T&H Sensor' goes below 50 percent relative humidity


make my 'Basement Dehumidifier Plug' switch off

Can I monitor if my game room gets too cold?

✔ T&H Sensor – Place the T&H sensor in the room you'd like to monitor.


my 'Game Room T&H Sensor' goes below 65 degrees Fahrenheit


notify me on my phone

How do I make sure my space heater isn't on when it doesn't need to be?

✔ T&H Sensor – Place the T&H sensor in the room you'd like to monitor.

✔ Smart plug – Plug your space heater into a smart plug.


my 'Living Room T&H Sensor' goes above 68 degrees Fahrenheit


make my 'Living Room Smart Plug' switch off

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset the Temperature and Humidity Sensor?

The reset button (also the pairing button) is located inside the pinhole. It can be pressed with the included pin or a paper clip.

To reset the sensor, hold the reset button down until the red LED turns on then off (about 10 seconds).

How Do I Change the Battery?

The sensor will automatically alert you when its battery is getting low. All temperature and humidity sensors use a CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. You must carefully pry up the cover to find the battery. Slide it out and slide in the new battery with the + side facing up. Replace the cover in the original orientation. It should easily snap in place.