Smart LEDs

What Is a Smart LED Bulb?

Smart LEDs enable you to switch your lights on and off using your mobile device. Whether you forget to turn off the living room light or don’t like returning to a dark home, smart LEDs, when paired with your BGE Smart Home, make saving energy easy and convenient.

Supported smart LEDs plug into everyday light sockets and connect to the BGE Smart Home gateway. You can turn it on and off with your regular light switch. However, when the light is left powered on and paired with your BGE Smart Home gateway, you can switch the bulb on and off and control its brightness through the BGE Smart Home app from anywhere you have mobile or internet access.

Installing Your Smart LEDs

We recommend installing these bulbs in locations that can be turned on or off via an automated schedule, or using occupancy sensing that allows you to automate lighting for conveniently turning on or off as you desire. For example:

  • Living room lights
  • Bedroom lights
  • Basement lights

Connecting a Smart LED Bulb

Step 1: On the app’s home screen, tap Cameras & Devices > Add Devices >  Smart Bulb to begin pairing the smart LED bulb to the gateway.

Step 2: Screw the smart bulb into the light socket and turn on the power to begin the pairing process on the bulb.

Step 3: When the smart bulb connects, the app will automatically advance. Name your smart bulb (lamp, light, bedside lamp, etc.) and tap Next to continue.

Step 4: Select how you want to use your smart bulb by following the prompts on screen and tap Next to continue.

Creating Custom Rules

Here are some ideas for creating custom rules for your Smart LEDs:

Goal Required Sensors Sample Rule

I'd like to have my living room lamp turn on when I get home from work at night.

✔ Entry Sensor – Place on a door commonly used when coming home from work.
✔ Smart LED – Use a smart LED in a lamp that you would like to turn on. Make sure the lamp is switched on so that the smart LED is always powered.


my 'Front Door Entry Sensor' opens

when the time is between 7:00 pm every day and 12:00 am


make my 'Living Room Lamp' switch on

I'd like to make sure I turn off my basement light when I go to bed.

Smart LED – Use a smart LED in an area of the basement you frequently use. Make sure the lamp is switched on so that the smart LED is always powered.


I go into 'Sleep' mode


make my 'Basement Light' switch off

How do I get an alert if I leave my bedroom lamp on?

✔ Smart LED – Use a smart LED in your bedroom lamp.


my "Bedroom Lamp LED" is switched on for 2 minutes

when I am in 'Away' mode


notify me on my phone

Tip: Smart LEDs default to a "Save Energy" scenario, which turns off when you are in 'Away' status and will be turned back on when you return in the evening and are in 'Home' status. The default scenario can be changed in the 'Options' menu of each smart LED you have connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add/Purchase Additional Smart LEDs?

Your BGE Smart Home gateway can support various brands of smart/connected LEDs that use ZigBee connectivity. The gateway has the capacity to manage a total of 24 ZigBee devices, so you have plenty of space for additional LEDs.

How Do You Reset the Smart LED?

Once you’ve connected the smart LED (included in your kit) with your gateway, the bulb will always connect to your BGE Smart Home gateway. There is no need to reset your smart LEDs to connect to your hub. If you are having trouble connecting your smart LEDs, please reach out to

For other compatible smart LEDs (with ZigBee connectivity), please see the manufacturer’s installation instructions.