Want to save energy but not sure where to start? Our technical support services help you identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities for your business’s unique circumstances.

Financial incentives can cover engineering services such as feasibility studies, design and commissioning of complex custom measures. Incentives are based on co-funding up to 50% of the cost for the engineering studies and 75% of the cost of required commissioning studies, up to a per project cap of $20,000.

Technical services are available on a limited basis for the following types of projects:

Technical Support

  • Incentives up to $20,000 for assistance in energy modeling and savings calculations. This can be applied to existing building or new construction projects.

Design Assistance

  • Comprehensive design projects may be eligible for up to $5,000 in design assistance to engage your team throughout the process and help offset a portion of the additional costs.

Enhanced Commissioning

  • Enhanced commissioning provides improved energy performance beyond the basic level that every project seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification must complete. We encourage you to pursue additional energy savings through LEED credits for implementing enhanced commissioning (ECx) services, as defined by LEED. You’ll need to decide upfront to complete ECx in the initial design phase, and then it becomes part of the overall commissioning process.
  • You can access funding for $0.10 per square foot of commissioned space, up to a cap of $20,000 per project.


How It Works

For existing facilities, a BGE-approved architectural/engineering firm will visit your facility and help you either identify new energy-saving opportunities or analyze previously identified opportunities.

For new construction or major renovation projects, a Service Provider will support your design team to evaluate multiple energy efficiency options.

Note that Technical Support Services are required if you wish to take advantage of incentives for Whole Building Performance for existing buildings or Design-Based Lighting for new construction projects.