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How do I contact the energy efficiency component of BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program® for Business?
Why was the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program created?

The program supports the goals of the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008. EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. Specifically, BGE’s program provides customers with tools to reduce energy use, which not only helps them save money on energy costs but also reduces the need for new power plants and protects the environment.

How long will BGE’s program be available?

The current programs are approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission through December 31, 2023.

Will the program’s offerings change from year to year?

They might. We designed the program using best practices from utilities across the country. However, we periodically review the program, requirements, Terms & Conditions, processes and elements, including incentives, and might make changes from year to year without notice.

Who can participate in these programs?

All nonresidential customers who receive electric distribution service through BGE can participate, regardless of your electricity or gas supplier. Participation in the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program for Business offerings is determined by your rate schedule, which is printed on your monthly bill.

Before starting a project, check your bill for your rate schedule and then use the table below to determine which programs your business is eligible to participate in.

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program G GS GL P T
Small Business Energy Solutions X X      
Energy Solutions for Business X X X X X
Building Tune-up X X X X X
Combined Heat and Power X X X X X
Where do the funds come from to pay for the incentives?

The Maryland Public Service Commission has approved applying an energy efficiency charge to customers’ electric bills (shown as “EmPOWER MD Chg”). This charge pays for the incentives available through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program.

Who is ICF and why are they involved?

ICF is an energy consulting company that BGE selected through a competitive bidding process to implement the energy efficiency portion of the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program. ICF has extensive experience managing similar programs throughout the country and has a local office in Columbia, Maryland.

Will my data be kept confidential?

All customer-specific information provided to BGE will be held in confidence.

Are incentives available to perform a fuel-switching measure?

For most BGE Smart Energy Savers Program offerings, fuel-switching is not permitted. However, qualifying projects can take part in our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Program, which does permit using another fuel to reduce electric energy consumption. CHP is a clean and efficient approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. Learn more.

Are incentives available for using renewable energy sources?

No. Renewable projects, such as solar water heaters or photovoltaic installations, do not qualify under this BGE program.

Are incentives available for gas-consuming devices?

No. At this time, no incentives are available for energy-saving projects related to gas technologies.