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Computers, task lighting, vending machines and anything else you plug into an electrical outlet contribute to your business’s overall plug load. Energy can be wasted during periods of nonuse, such as when your business is closed or when no one is around. Taking simple steps to control your plug load can help you lower energy use and costs.

Take advantage of incentives that can cover 50% to 75% of the cost of energy-saving measures to minimize your plug load. You’ll also get a fast return on your investment—often in less than 2 years.

Available Measures

BGE offers incentives for a variety of simple, low- or no-cost measures to help you reduce your commercial plug load:

  • Smart power strips allow some receptacles to remain on while others are turned off, thereby reducing standby or phantom loads.
  • Personal occupancy sensors (on power strips) serve to de-energize certain loads, such as computer monitors, printers and task lighting, during periods when areas are unoccupied.
  • Vending machine controls (refrigerated and non-refrigerated machines) will cycle refrigeration and lighting in vending machines during long periods of nonuse.