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Take advantage of instant discounts on a variety of energy-efficient lighting options.*

EquipmentInstant Discount/Item
Plug and Play (Type A) TLEDs$8 off
Ballast Bypass (Type B) TLEDs$4 off
LED Recessed Trim Kits$19 off
CFLED Lamps$13 off
HLEDs$96 to $128 off
Luminaires$14 to $210 off 

**Lighting must be DesignLights Consortium, ENERGY STAR® or Consortium for Energy Efficiency listed. You must pay sales tax on the pre-incentive prices. Customer price must be at least $0.25 per discounted A19 lamp, at least $0.50 per LED recessed trim kit and CFLED lamp, at least $2 per discounted TLED and HLED lamp, and $10 to $30 per LED luminaire. Program discounts may vary depending on product cost and required minimum contribution for the product. Maximum luminaire quantity: 250 per fixture type per premise every 30 days.

How You Can Participate

Simply call or visit one of our participating local distributors to take advantage of your instant lighting discounts. Select one of the logos below for full contact information.