Savings at a Glance

By participating in the BGE Energy Solutions for Business program, the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront was able to use financial incentives to install LED lighting in the common areas and add VFDs to the hotel’s air-handling units.

 1.62 years until payback on project costs
 1,745,004 kWh/year in energy savings
 $101,210/year in cost savings
 $91,980 in incentives paid

Just steps from Baltimore’s vibrant Inner Harbor stands the Marriott Waterfront. Built in 2000, the 32-story high-rise hotel offers 750 guest rooms and two large ballrooms for events. Ensuring that the common areas—from hallways and lounges to meeting rooms—are well lit and comfortable for guests is a top concern for Nick Novella, the hotel’s director of engineering. As a member of the hotel’s green team, he’s also charged with identifying ways his department can help reduce energy use and costs. Two recent energy efficiency projects made possible through BGE’s Smart Energy Savers® Program helped Novella achieve both those goals and more.

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Long-lasting LEDs installed in hallways like this one reduce the amount of time engineers have to spend replacing expired bulbs.

New LEDs with dimmers in the ballrooms use less energy while enabling staff to adjust lighting levels during events.

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