Savings at a Glance

By participating in the BGE Energy Solutions for Business program, Mercy Medical Center was able to use financial incentives to install energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and building management controls in its new teaching hospital in Baltimore.

 $544,283 in incentives paid
 3,411,571 kWh/year in energy savings

For more than 140 years, doctors, nurses and support staff at Mercy Medical Center have cared for generations of Baltimoreans. Since its founding in 1874 by six Sisters of Mercy, the hospital has counted "stewardship" among its core values, "constantly striving to balance the good of all with the good of each, and through creative and responsible use of all our resources." Today, Mercy Medical Center continues its legacy of providing nationally recognized healthcare services while doing its part to incorporate sustainability principles into its operations.

Mercy’s new Mary Catherine Bunting Center, a 233-bed, full-service community teaching hospital, is outfitted with the latest in energy-efficient lighting, motors and kitchen equipment. Thanks to incentives from the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®, the hospital saved $544,283 off the cost of its energy efficiency projects.

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Energy-efficient lighting in the Bunting Center’s lobby creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Retrofitting 460 metal halide fixtures with LED lighting reduced energy demand by 125 watts per fixture throughout the parking garage.

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