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What is thermostat optimization?

Thermostat optimization is a process that uses data from your smart thermostat to learn how your home reacts to various weather conditions. With these insights, your smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments that are customized for your home. As a result, you can enjoy increased comfort and energy savings all year long.

Can I optimize my thermostat?

Check with your thermostat manufacturer to confirm if it has a thermostat optimization option.

What if I need to change my settings?

You can adjust your smart thermostat settings at any time.

Can I unenroll my thermostat once I’m enrolled in an optimization program?

To unenroll your thermostat from an optimization program, please contact your thermostat manufacturer.

Does my thermostat have to stay connected to Wi-Fi?

Because thermostat optimization programs rely on the ability to communicate with your thermostat, they require a Wi-Fi connection. While temporary outages may not have significant impacts on performance, your thermostat must remain connected to your home’s Wi-Fi to achieve the full benefits of your manufacturer’s thermostat optimization program.