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There’s nothing like real-time data to inform decision-making. That’s where a Monitoring-Based Building Tune-up (MBT) comes in. For facilities with more than 75,000 square feet of conditioned space, an MBT combines the best practices of a standard building tune-up with continuous monitoring of your energy use data to identify opportunities to save. 

When you participate in an MBT service, your business can: 

  • Monitor energy use. 
  • Improve building performance. 
  • Reduce operating costs. 
  • Identify low-cost improvements.

The result can be substantial energy savings—from 5% to 20% with minimal financial investment. 

How We Can Help

Financial incentives are available to position your facility for success. We’ll guide you through each step in the process, from completing the application to implementing energy-saving projects and collecting your incentives.

Phase I: Installation**Contract cost and ASHRAE Level II audit/metering equipment installed25%, up to $15,000
Phase II: MonitoringMinimum of 6 months of monitoring and verification is requiredN/A
Phase III: ImplementationImplement and monitor measures to improve building performance$0.20/kWh saved annually
Total incentive may not exceed per-project maximum$100,000 cap

*Incentives are paid once all phases of your project have been completed.

**Phase 1 incentives are only payable to the customer after acknowledging receipt of an ASHRAE Level II Audit.

Who Is Eligible 

To qualify for MBT, your building must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be more than 2 years old and be 75,000 square feet or larger.
  • Have a higher-than-average electrical intensity (kWh/sq. ft.), based on analysis using the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager or the U.S. Department of Energy’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey data.
  • Have mechanical equipment in relatively good condition.
  • Have an energy management system.

Further, you or your facility manager must: 

  • Sign an MBT service contract for an 18-month period with the Service Provider that submits your application.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing operational improvements.