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Virtual Commissioning (VCx) is a complimentary service for small and medium-sized buildings that provides unique recommendations on how they can reduce energy use and costs.

BGE has partnered with Power TakeOff, a team of trained Energy Advisors, who will analyze your usage data and recommend energy-saving solutions specific to your facility and systems. This is a fast and easy way to gather insights into your building’s energy use without disrupting your daily operations.

How It Works

Here’s what to expect when you schedule a VCx for your building.

Data analysis. Our team will use your smart meter data to determine when and how your energy is being used.

Customized recommendations. A trained Energy Advisor will provide a list of no- and low-cost measures you could implement in your daily operations to reduce energy use and save money. Examples might include:

  • Optimizing equipment schedules based on occupancy
  • Managing equipment startup and shutdown schedules
  • Identifying equipment setbacks targeting excess consumption

Your Energy Advisor also will verify the energy-saving impacts and review your success with you.

No on-site visits. Everything will be conducted virtually, and all communications will be through email and phone.