Savings at a Glance

By participating in the BGE Building Tune-up program, MacKenzie Management helped a client access financial incentives from BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program® to optimize the energy efficiency of heating and cooling and control systems in five commercial buildings.

 4 months until payback on project costs
 1,754,316 kWh/year in energy savings
 $182,093/year in cost savings
 $150,000 in incentives paid

Headquartered in Lutherville, Maryland, MacKenzie Management has been in the business of operating commercial real estate for more than 35 years. MacKenzie’s 150-plus employees handle everything from tenant relations and bookkeeping to property maintenance and oversight of contractors and vendors working on-site.

"We are the property owner’s eyes and ears," says Kevin Kimmel, senior property manager at MacKenzie. "We make decisions and act within the guidelines the owner gives us. That means managing day-to-day operations, as well as looking for opportunities to save money and increase the value of their buildings."

One way MacKenzie is doing just that is by working with property owners to schedule building tune-ups through BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program that help increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.

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The demand limiting feature on chillers was enabled to limit chiller capacity during peak energy use periods.


To save energy, engineers recommended lowering the morning warm-up set point of rooftop air handling units.

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