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How to Participate


  1. Identify a course or certification you’re interested in. Refer to our list of prequalified courses and certifications on the Building Operator Training page, or you can propose alternative courses. BGE will review all courses proposed by you or your employer. Courses with an emphasis on other energy sources, such as gas or water conservation, are not eligible.
  2. Ensure that you meet all minimum eligibility requirements mandated by the associated learning institution before submitting your application to BGE.
  3. Complete and submit your incentive application, along with all necessary documentation, to BGE for preapproval before enrolling in or attending a course. You’ll need to submit separate applications for each course you plan to attend. Preapproval is required for all applications.
  4. Await BGE’s review and preapproval of the course and determination of eligibility. Please allow about 10 business days to receive notice of preapproval and course eligibility.
  5. Enroll in and attend your chosen training upon receipt of BGE’s preapproval of your application.
  6. Submit to BGE the invoice for the course and provide a copy of the certificate of completion or alternate documentation from the instructor, organization, school or company administering the course within 30 days of completing your course or certification.
  7. Receive your incentive payment within about 6 to 8 weeks of final approval.