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How to Participate


  1. Complete and submit your application.
  2. Receive a call from a program representative to review your application and discuss your project.
  3. Participate in a project scoping meeting between the customer, the customer’s design team and BGE’s approved Technical Services Provider.
  4. Determine the electric energy savings and any potential incentives for equipment upgrades. The customer’s design team and the BGE approved Technical Services Provider will analyze the project based on information obtained at the project scoping meeting. Final reports, along with a new construction summary saving request, will be sent to BGE for final review.
  5. Come to agreement with your BGE program representative about the energy-saving measures to be installed and the corresponding potential incentives. BGE will send a preapproval letter, along with the Minimum Requirement Document. This letter is your authorization from BGE to purchase and install the equipment identified in the study.
  6. Await BGE’s post-installation inspection of the energy efficiency measures and determination of the final incentive amount based on the findings.
  7. Receive your incentive check within 6 to 8 weeks after the inspection.