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The EPA’s national ENERGY STAR for New Homes Program helps homebuilders offer their customers a complete package of best building practices and improvements that ensure homeowner comfort and energy-efficient performance in every qualified home. ENERGY STAR homes include:

  • A comprehensive thermal enclosure system
  • A comprehensive, efficient, quality-installed heating and cooling system
  • A comprehensive water management system
  • Energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  • Third-party verification of compliance with the ENERGY STAR specification

Stand out from the competition and participate in BGE’s ENERGY STAR New Homes Program!

Provide your customers with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR certified homes and you’ll receive:

  • Up to $2,250 in rebates for homebuilders for each qualified home
  • An additional $75 in rebates for each eligible smart thermostat installed in qualified homes
  • Technical and marketing training to help you build and sell energy-efficient homes

Homebuilders: Set yourself apart and get up to $1,250 back for each ENERGY STAR certified new home built, plus an additional $100 for each eligible smart thermostat installed. Learn more.

Raters: Take advantage of the growing demand for ENERGY STAR certified new homes and receive valuable training from the industry’s leaders in energy-efficient construction. Learn more.

Click here for a list of participating raters.

Already a participant?

Check out these additional resources for participating homebuilders and raters to find out how you can get started.