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Virtual Strategic Energy Management (vSEM®) is a no-additional-cost, 12-month program BGE offers to help facilities of all sizes and in all industries use their energy more efficiently.

The program uses an established framework for continuously identifying and implementing energy-saving measures. Using change management and employee engagement practices, we’ll help you integrate energy management into your organization’s daily operations and business practices. See how it works.

  • 100% virtual: No on-site visits or in-person audits required.
  • Minimal time commitment: We work around your schedule and only request two to four hours of your time per month.
  • Data-driven results: We analyze your electric meter data to identify high-impact, quick wins.

How It Works

If your business is selected to participate in vSEM, you’ll be partnered with an experienced energy coach who will work with you to:

  • Set data-driven energy reduction goals
  • Develop and execute a continuous energy management plan
  • Identify and prioritize energy-saving opportunities
  • Engage staff to create a culture of energy awareness and action
  • Track monthly energy performance metrics and progress
  • Share and celebrate your successes

You’ll designate an on-site energy champion or organize an energy team to attend virtual workshops and coaching sessions throughout the year. During the course of the program, you’ll complete energy efficiency projects to reduce annual operating costs and educate employees on best practices in energy management