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If you’re building out space for an addition or planning a new construction project, let’s talk. We’ll help you identify opportunities to incorporate energy efficiency into the design, construction and operation of your project, so you’ll be saving energy and money from day one in your new space.

Take advantage of technical assistance and financial incentives that can cover up to 75% of the cost difference between standard- and high-efficiency lighting for new construction projects, additions and major renovations that are still in the early design phase. Plus, you can save up to 50% on the cost of preparing the engineering analysis and energy modeling required to participate in our new construction program.

Why You Should Participate

Prioritizing energy efficiency in new construction projects yields a variety of benefits, as does involving BGE early in the design phase.

  • Engage in early brainstorming sessions to incorporate maximum energy efficiency into the design of your facility.
  • Maximize energy savings potential by examining the building as an integrated system.
  • Identify cost-effective design alternatives prior to final design to save energy..
  • Design additional energy efficiency into your green building project when pursuing LEED.
  • Get rebates up to 75% of the incremental cost of installing the energy efficiency measures for whole building performance.
  • Improve comfort, health and productivity for building occupants.

Eligibility Requirements

Incentives are available to nonresidential customers in the BGE service territory (rate schedules GL, P and T), regardless of your electricity or gas supplier.

New construction is defined as a new building, or space within a new building, where a licensed professional architect or engineer is preparing and certifying building plans. Major renovation projects, those for which a licensed professional architect or engineer is preparing and certifying building plans for the reconstruction of an existing space, also will be considered under this application.

For questions about eligibility, contact us at 410.290.1202.

Preapproval from BGE is required before design, purchase or installation of equipment.

The ENERGY STAR® Decarbonize Your Design Challenge

The EPA is challenging architects, building owners and organizations to achieve and promote ENERGY STAR for all commercial new construction projects by adopting energy-efficient and decarbonization strategies that move the next generation of buildings to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Learn more.