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Did you know the air inside your home can pose risks to your health? Common allergens like pet dander, dust and mold can affect the quality of the air you breathe indoors. With personal wellness top of mind for many of us, now is a great time to take action to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home.

Here are five easy ways to make sure you’re breathing cleaner air when you’re at home:

1. Keep Up With Cleaning

Regularly vacuuming and changing bedding in your home can prevent dust from accumulating and spreading through the air. Keeping surfaces clear and dusting with a damp cloth will also prevent allergens from collecting.

2. Let Fresh Air In

When temperatures are mild, opening windows is a great way to circulate fresh air throughout your home and allow stale air to drift outside. This no-cost hack is a must to reduce harmful fumes in your home when using cleaning products.

3. Maintain Your Heating and Cooling System

Another simple thing you can do to improve the quality of your air at home is to change your air filters each season. Not only will this keep your air cleaner, but it also helps ensure your heating and cooling system stays in top working condition.

4. Go Natural

Scented candles and other air fresheners might make you think the air in your home is fresh and clean. However, synthetic smells actually release chemicals that decrease the quality of your indoor air. Choose natural fragrances to mask any odors and enhance the air in your home.

5. Use an Air Purifier

Room air purifiers remove dust, pollen and other particles from your indoor air. ENERGY STAR® certified models can also help you save energy and money. You can even get a $40 instant discount on select models.

Interested in more ways to improve comfort and safety at home? Taking steps to increase your home’s energy efficiency can help. BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program® offers discounts and rebates on a variety of energy-saving products and services. Learn more.