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What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for an HVAC tune-up?

Your HVAC equipment must be in working condition. This service is intended to improve your system’s performance, not to fix any underlying or present issues. For a proper system check, a minimum outdoor temperature is required: 60°F for central air conditioners and 35°F for air source heat pumps.

What types of systems are eligible to receive an HVAC tune-up?

Residential ducted HVAC equipment is eligible to receive a tune-up. This includes central air conditioners with a fossil fuel furnace, air source heat pumps with electric heat backup and dual fuel air source heat pumps.

Is there any HVAC equipment not eligible to receive an HVAC tune-up?

The following systems are not eligible to receive a tune-up:

  • Geothermal equipment
  • Mini-splits
  • PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioners)
  • Window units
  • Any equipment for which a technician is ineligible to collect all program-required data

In addition, the participating contractor reserves the right to deny service to any equipment they deem ineligible.

Is there a cost to participate in the HVAC tune-up program?

The program is provided at no additional cost for BGE residential customers.

How often can I get an HVAC tune-up?

Your HVAC unit is eligible for a tune-up once every three years.

What gets checked during an HVAC tune-up?

Your contractor will identify any problems your system may have and restore your equipment to its optimal working condition through various procedures, including the following:

  • System performance testing
  • Coil inspection
  • Indoor and outdoor coil cleaning (if accessible)
  • Electrical inspection
  • Refrigerant level inspection
  • Condensate drain cleaning (if accessible)
When can I expect to hear back from a contractor if I try to schedule an HVAC tune-up?

A participating contractor will contact you within two business days to schedule a tune-up. Only the certified contractors on this list are authorized to perform a tune-up on behalf of BGE.

Can I receive a Smart Thermostat without getting a Tune-up?

Customers are only eligible for a Smart Thermostat through the process of getting an HVAC Tune-up.