How do I qualify for the $100 gift card?

BGE residential customers who have purchased an ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat and have not received an instant discount through BGE’s Marketplace or select retailers can qualify for the $100 offer. The offer will be available for a limited time only through BGE’s online rebate application. In order to receive the $100 gift card, the purchase price of your smart thermostat must be greater than $100.

How do I select the gift card when submitting my online rebate application?

Within the online rebate application, you must choose “ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostat - $100 Gift Card” when selecting your smart thermostat equipment type in order to receive the $100 gift card.

Can I choose the $100 gift card if my smart thermostat was less than $100?

In order to receive the $100 gift card, the purchase price of your smart thermostat must be greater than $100. If your smart thermostat purchase price was more than $75 but less than $100, you will still qualify for the $75 rebate check. In this case, you must select the $75 rebate check option within the online application.

What are my retailer choices for the gift card?

You will be able to select a $100 gift card to your choice of either Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Target or CVS Pharmacy. There are no other retailer gift card options available at this time.

When will I receive my gift card?

Following the approval of your rebate application, you will receive an email in 2 – 3 weeks from with instructions on how to receive your $100 gift card. The email will direct you to a website where you will be able to select a retailer for your gift card. Following your selection, the $100 gift card will be emailed to you for immediate use.

What if I haven’t received an email?

Be sure to check your email’s SPAM filter. If you still have not received an email regarding your gift card after 3 weeks, contact

When will the limited time offer end?

The limited time online offer will be available to BGE residential customers until December 31, 2021.

Will my gift card expire?

Once you have downloaded your gift card, it will not expire